Putlocker App— How to Download Movies or Watch Them Online?

Putlocker app is something we all have been waiting for. When it comes to viewing movies online, the likes of Netflix and Hulu were our only prospective solutions. However, with the premium price tag associated with each one of these, users had to look for something cheap or rather free. This is where Putlocker came to rescue with a near-perfect interface of hosted files and streaming options.

Explaining Putlocker: Leading into the Putlocker App

Putlocker is one online index that brings forth an exhaustive conglomerate of hosted links and other files— specifically catering to the movie fanatics. This platform is specifically designed for those who look for movies and other TV series— entirely free of cost. While some officials took over the functioning and try blocking the same, Putlocker can still be considered as one of the largest communities to showcase online media.

How Putlocker Works?

Putlocker is a third-party source for every possible movie or video link— found over the internet. The best part is that, almost every movie is hosted over Putlocker— making it a highly holistic platform. However, some videos are streamed indirectly, via some of the sister sites.

This platform is basically intertwined with several other streaming sites and Putlocker brings all of them under one possible roof. There can be times when some of the searches get reported by the judicial system. In that case, Putlocker and the viewers using the same won’t be affected as the matter will be taken up by the sites which the platform is hosting.

The interface associated with Putlocker App is as simple as one can imagine. There is a proper box for initiating the searches where one can input the name of a specific movies. If the name seems to be common for two or more movies, one can also add the year alongside the name.

Apart from that, Putlocker also offers an exhaustive interface where movies can be selected at random. However, some versions of this website come without the section of movie genres which can get frustrating at times. That said, one can search down movies by the year of release. Not just movies, TV shows and other entertaining options can also be searched by the year of release.

Lastly, Putlocker offers a pretty user-friendly interface that responds perfectly to the viewer requirements.

Putlocker: Different Versions

Lately, many website versions of Putlocker have braced the internet. While some offer a pretty simple interface sans the thrills and specific searching options, certain websites seem to have put in a lot of work— offering genre-based movie searching techniques.

Putlocker app seems to be another version of this web-based interface. This application isn’t available on the Play Store but can be availed from some of the leading Chinese interfaces. Moreover, there can be certain versions of the Putlocker app which aren’t legal and should be refrained from installing.

Putlocker App: Sneak Peek

There has been a lot of speculation about the Putlocker App as every user is looking to get of hold of a mobile version of the same. While some have already experienced the functionality, many are yet to witness the efficacy of the same.

This application throws in a highly intuitive user interface but can take time to install. While the legit version doesn’t ask for confidential details, there are some spammy versions of the same which can extract some important details about the user and create issues.

P.S- Viewers need to identify these spammy applications and stay away from the same.

Coming back to the layout of the Putlocker App— the entity throws in a long list of movies— comparable to the likes of Netflix and even Amazon Prime. Legality isn’t an issue with the app version of the Putlocker downloader.

The best part about the app would be the perfect selection of movies which are rated highly by IMDB or even Putlocker community. When it comes to the hosted nature of this platform, Putlocker app offers a wide-selection of movie links— catering to every section of the society. Some of the best third-party streaming sites have been collaborated with, when it comes to offering movies and TV shows on a platter.

At the end, we find it fitting enough to talk about the details about a specific movie— especially for the geeky noobs who prefer digging deep before streaming or downloading. Be it the IMDB rating or release date, everything is selectively showcased for the user to have a look at. Not just these details but one can even look at the names of the director, producer and the actors involved with the movie.

The runtime is also exhibited beforehand.


Putlocker app and even the website is specifically designed for catering to myriad entertainment requirements of the user. Experience the same for getting the best possible experience.