Putlockers Downloader: Download Videos and Movies with Ease

Putlockers Downloader is an extremely useful yet overlooked entity that allows viewers to download and watch videos of their choice. Before we delve deep into the existing concept of this video downloader, it is only appropriate to talk about Putlocker as a website and even the app version of the same.


If you have ever considered downloading and watching movies online, Putlocker should already be in your wishlist. This is more of a feature-packed index or more of an online forum that enlists the best downloadable links— pertaining to a specific movie or TV show.

Putlocker comes without any added costs and offers the flexibility of an integrated video downloader which can be downloaded as a browser extension. Therefore, Putlocker is a great option for the entertainment lovers who are always on the lookout for great movies and other kinds of videos.

Putlocker Video Downloader: Why to Use the Same?

Putlocker as a website has been flagged by several ISPs as an objectionable entity. However, the website has won many courtroom battles and is still considered as one of the most sought after online indexes— featuring movies and other relevant links.

However, certain browsers often create issues and the website might not open at certain hours of the day. Putlocker Video Downloader is one such option that sits on your notebook or desktop— as an integral part of the browser. This way a user can make use of the Putlocker extension without having to worry about the fate of the site. The extension can be downloaded from the existing website, provided the latter opens when required.

When it comes to the video downloader, it is important to understand the modus operandi associated with the same. This will help amateurs get around the offering by making the best use of the interface. While we will be discussing about the Putlocker Video Downloader in subsequent sections, some thoughts should also be spared for the Putlocker app.

Putlocker Video Downloader: How it Works?

Putlocker Video downloader is exciting and extremely easy to use. This application oriented browser extension works as desired and sits pretty on top of the tabs. Once the user downloads the relatively simple extension, he or she needs to search for the select movies and TV shows, via the search bar.

A concluded search will show up several direct links and hosted options associated with the select video. Movie rating and even the website rating are displayed adjacently. Once the user zeros in on the preferred mirror for downloading the same, he or she needs to click on the same and the link will be copied onto to the existing bar. The download arrow needs to be clicked on and the video will be there before you can even blink.

P.S At the end it all depends on the speed of your internet connection.

The best part about this video downloader is the simplicity of approach. There are minimal hassles associated with the downloadable content. However, certain websites do not allow downloads and the existing content must then be streamed and watch. This is where the video downloader is rendered useless and the Putlocker app comes into the picture.

Putlocker App: Why is it Better than the Video Downloader?

While the Putlocker Video Downloader is suitable for downloading a lot of existing content, Putlocker app comes with the flexibility of streaming support. There are times with the video downloader fails to perform due to the stringent policies of certain websites. However, the app version of the same comes with a built-in video downloader which can be used— as required.

Putlocker app comes with a highly-simplified interface showcasing the date of release, associated characters and even the IMDB rating of a select TV show or the movie. While the Putlocker website can come in several forms— featuring diverse interface— Putlocker app is on cohesive unit that hardly disappoints.

Unlike the Putlocker video downloader that sits onto the browser, the app version can be downloaded to any select device sans issues. While the website might not load at times, Putlocker app is always available for usage. There are many people who consider Putlocker as the perfect arena for downloading movies but frankly speaking, Putlocker can also offer a host of TV shows and other alternatives for the users.

Putlocker: Availability

Putlocker might be a new term for many readers out here and it isn’t easy to identify and use the same— both as an application and a video downloader. The trick here is to visit certain Chinese markets for getting hold of Putlocker video downloader. The app, on the other hand, is pretty elusive and needs to be searched for— quite extensively.

Do watch out for our subsequent posts if you want to know more about Putlocker and the perks associated with the same.