How to Download Movies from Putlocker: Basics, Video Downloader

Downloading movies via Putlocker can be frustrating if you aren’t well versed with the nooks and crannies of the same. In simpler words, Putlocker is an online search index that showcases a wide-range of movies, via downloadable links. Once the user decides on a particular movie, he or she needs to click on the select mirror for downloading the same.

Putlocker comes in varied forms, offering specific options for the users to make use of. Be it downloading stuffs via the website or using the much-talked about Putlockers app, there is a lot more to this entity than just movies and TV shows.

In this post, we will be talking about every possible technique for downloading movies from Putlocker— while discussing the legalities and availability of the same.

How to Download Free Movies from Putlocker Website?

Putlocker, the website, is highly interactive and allows seamless downloads. This platform comes with a host of options for movie selections. Not just movies, one can also search for TV shows, documentaries and classics over the same.

Putlocker website isn’t a straightforward interface and can come in varied form factors— depending upon the vendors hosting the same. While one page might offer an exhaustive database of movies and other videos, one might only allow us to type the name. Once the movie name is selected, the user is automatically redirected to the host of downloadable links, associated with the same.

There can be one or even more than ten links for any specific movie, depending upon its popularity and availability. Upon encountering a link or links, the user needs to click on the same and the built-in video downloader will do rest of the job.

This website makes everything easy for the user as the movie genre is displayed beforehand. Not just the genre but one can even take a look at the actors and how the movie has been rated across varied platforms. Lastly, the runtime is also visible which is a great indication of the download time— otherwise dependent of the concerned internet connection.

How to Download Movies from Putlocker Video Downloader?

Putlocker isn’t only a website but can also be used as a dedicated video downloader. Putlocker video downloader doesn’t need to be installed separately onto the device but can be leveraged simply as a browser extension.

This option can be used by all those individuals who prefer not to visit the website— due to legal issues. This video downloader can be accessed directly via the homepage and can also be used as a simple browser extension. One can pair the same with any browser of choice, without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Downloading movies using the video downloader is as easy as it can get. Users need to type in a movie name and the downloader will reveal every possible source available online. Once the links or the set of links are displayed, anyone can visit the website which looks legit and start downloading stuffs.

The best thing about this entity is that Putlocker video downloader also displays the trust score associated with any given website. This saves the user from accessing iffy pages and the ones which can compromise security of the concerned device.

How to Download Movies from Putlocker App?

The last or rather the best option happens to be the Putlocker app which offers a lot of perks, as compared to the website and even the video downloader. This app is simple to use and extremely easy to install. Moreover, users can access the same from a wide-range of locations without having to worry about the legal aspects of piracy.

While the website might often face compatibility issues with the browser, firewall and even the ISP— the Putlocker app is immune to all of these. Instead it often works better than the Putlocker Video downloader as users can also stream movies if downloading the same isn’t on their priority list.

There are a few websites which can be accessed for movies but downloading stuffs isn’t allowed. This is where the video downloader falls short and the Putlocker app makes up for the same. Moreover, the app also comes with the aspect of trust score and an exhaustive database of movies— segregated according to the genres.

Putlocker app might not be available over the official websites as the company prefers keeping it a secret. However, certain Chinese websites and search engines can give access to this application. The only precaution one needs to take is to be careful with the downloads as a fraudulent website might just gain access to your device.

We will be offering a detailed analysis of the websites which offer Putlocker app in some of our subsequent posts.


Putlocker is a utilitarian concept which needs to get its due. However, this website has been plagued by a lot of compatibility and legal issues off late but the way it’s going, showcases the love and belief of the audience. The best part is that Putlocker is free and only banks on advertisements for generating revenues.